Siuleruisut nutaat feb 2ani 2014

  Partii Inuit ataatsimeersuarnerani ulluni 31. januar & 1. - 2. februar 2014 Siulersuisunngortut sinniisussallu:Saamerlerniit: Poul E. Jensen ( siulersuisuni ilaasortaq)Peter Nørris Christensen ( sinniisissaq)Aannguaq Poulsen (siulittaasup tulliata aappaa)Randi Broberg ( siulittaasup tullia siulleq)Lars Erik Olsen ( siulersuisuni ilaasortaq)Nikku Olsen ( siulittaasoq) Joel Petersen ( siulersuisuni ilaasortaq)Miiti Larsen ( siulersuisuni ilaasortaq)Jens Peter Mølgaard ( sinniisussaq)


Partiip nittartagaanut kikkulluunniit tikilluaqquagut, sumi inunngorsimaneq aallaviginagu kikkulluunniit isummersornitsinni peqatigerusukkatsigit.

Nunatsinni inuiattut namminiilivikkiartornitsinni ataatsimoorfigisinnaasagut suleqatigiissutigisinnaasagullu ujartuiffingaagut.

Pingaartipparput nunap inuisa pigisai piginnaasallu, inuiattullu killiffipput aallaavigalugu suliniuteqarnissarput.


Oqaatsivut inuiattut nunallu inuiisut kinaassutsitsinnut qitiupput, kingumut ullutsinni atukkatsinnut siunissarpullu pillugit sumiissusersiorniarnitsinni.


Inuiaqatigiinni innuttaasutut tamatta pisariaqartitaraarput atorfissaqartinneqartutut misigisimatinneqarnissarput - tassalu uagut nammineq suliassarput.


Inussiarnisaarluta Partii Inuit

We extend our hand

We extend our hands Dear fellow Greenlanders as well as fellow citizens. We thank you all for the past year, and greet you at the threshold of the continuation of life in the New Year. Looking back at 2013, a lot of political activity has taken place since the formation of Partii Inuit on January 24th. The creation of Partii Inuit came at a time when our fellow Greenlanders, especially those living in the rural areas, were considered worthless and lacking identity, and they were at the brink of being brought down to their knees by the political system. This positive event brought renewed hope and sense of identity to the people, who again felt that they could use their language and way of life and their rights in their everyday lives in a much broader way. Although it may sound harsh to some, we are of the opinion that the political situation prior to the election posed a threat to the Greenlandic people. Life in the rural areas was considered to be unprofitable, and a lot of energy was used to move people to larger towns at great cost.On the other hand there are problems with lack of sufficient kindergartens and preschools as well as the enormous problem of lack of housing in the larger towns. This has resulted in slumlords profiting on the situation by renting out downscale housing, especially among the Danes whom everyone knows are very good at assisting each other in secret. This is also the case in construction sector where GA (Employer's Association of Greenland) abuses its power and influence covertly, and this should not just be ignored. As Greenlanders we should be responsible for the formation of our society, but this is not the case and we should change this situation. The current society we live in has been formed using the European mindset and way of life, and this is in no way in harmony with the Greenlandic reality and can't be profitable in any way.If we look at companies owned by our society, and the board of directors appointed to run these companies, they are almost exclusively run by Europeans. This situation has once again resulted in an unhealthy role as bystander for the Greenlanders. In terms of fisheries it is important to look at Royal Greenland, which is one of the chief economic factors in Greenland, and look at its main office and the constitution of its Board, where almost all officers doesn't live in our country, or have made special economical arrangements. Besides this, Royal Greenland, a company owned by our country and a major factor in supplying feedstock to the industry, has many employees abroad, whilst unemployment is increasing in Greenland.Although the overall picture with this company is a positive one, where are the Greenlandic fishermen? Where are all the officers on the trawlers? Where are the potential directors of the fish factories? Who benefits most of this situation? Who are the main players, and who are the ones who no longer desire to work because they feel they are the victims of abuse? All these factors are evidence of a policy which accepts management from abroad passively, and Partii Inuit believes that this has resulted in a power vacuum. DISPITE THE FACT that the company is owned by the people of Greenland. THINGS ARE OUT OF PROPORTION! Social issues and the right to have a homeOne of the consequences of the attitude that rural areas are not economically viable and shouldn't be developed, has resulted in an increase in unemployment as well as people moving into larger populated areas, others buy a one way ticket out of Greenland in order to survive. This is an unnatural development.This results in families unable to pay their rent, focusing their energies on use of alcohol and drugs and an inability to care for children properly.An increasing feeling of lack of self-worth has also resulted in apathy towards the surroundings, and although these issues were attempted to be addressed at a deeper level, it was as if these politically sensitive issues which should be hidden away and nobody wished to get to the core of the problem. We are experiencing a period in time where the housing sector is in need of renovation, and although renters have paid their rent for years to the extent that that the amount they have paid is exceeding the value of their home, it is clear that they are being forced to pay for the renovation, and being burdened further.This is thought provoking when keeping in mind the amount of fees of the directors and staff of the housing association is presently receiving, comparing it to the present state of service the public is receiving. The situation is out of proportion and not acceptable. When you keep in mind that people are evicted from their homes and homeless people in our vast country with such a small population, we must be politically bold and work for solutions. Greenland does not need to be a home only for the rich who gets special treatment, and for the most poor who are considered worthless and have no options. Greenland must be a place where Greenlanders are happy, in a state of well-being and good opportunities. Therefore we want to point out some of the conditions in our country which we find unacceptable, and that influence from the outside is too much, and that we are forced to quarrel among ourselves because of this. If the CONDITIONS are to be corrected, there must be clear and responsible political decisions made, and avoiding humiliation of others. Forces that people use among themselvesAs a people we have to treat one another with a greater deal of respect and justice, value one another and look at each other as dignified individuals. Wherever fellow Greenlanders appear and something unusual happens, we are too eager to judge and bring them down without seeking to understand them first. This results in hurt and we have to realize that many good initiatives are being brought to nothing through this behavior. We have to address this issue and reverse it towards the positive. From Partii Inuit we are of the opinion that the press has a responsibility and obligation in these issues. One of the excuses we often hear is lack of funding. The journalists who are most often against politicians are Danish journalists, whose numbers are growing in Greenland, and the Greenladic journalists are increasingly using thir time translating for them. From Partii Inuit we believe that this kind of journalism is Danish journalism and not aimed towards Greenlanders And this is one of the factors that are bringing Greenlanders down. This has to be fixed, journalism in GREENLAND has to be suited to the Greenlandic people, this is also the case in other countries.From Partii Inuit we believe that we have to strengthen the press, because the press is a mayor influence to the people every day. From Partii Inuit we want to work with the press together with politicians and officials. Family and social issuesThe increasing focus on children is a positive development, and Partii Inuit is of the opinion that parents and children are important, and parent's problems have a consequence towards children. People, just like children, need help to overcome their problems, to be strengthened psychologically and physically and we should work together to achieve this. Our parents is a major contributing factor in the establishment of the foundations of our inner lives, from Partii Inuit consider it very painful that children are taken away from their children, and this should be avoided. We have to be good at detecting problems when they start, herein lies our responsibility. BilingualismPartii Inuit was established in order to do something about certain matters instead of just talking about them, in terms of action and in terms of decision making.Running a bilingual society is very expensive, and the only ones who can change this is ourselves as Greenlanders, and we can no longer continue in this manner.Our role as always having to translating everything into Danish and that this situation should be changed has always been debated ever since our childhood, we have to be bold in this issue. We have to make demands towards people coming to work among us, by giving them better opportunities. Presently things seem to be on the reverse, we seem to have submissive roles towards those who come to work among us, humbly asking them and putting them in a leading role among us. This is a grave mistake. In Partii Inuit we believe that it is very important that we address this issue and together make political decisions. Prolonged hesitation is not healthy and can end up becoming a nuisance in the end. In this regard our Greenlandic LANGUAGE is central and it is of utmost importance that we work towards making our language the language of our administration.If we are in offices or schools and our examination papers are written in our own Greenlandic language, the function of our brain will work easier and our achievements will be much better.Although we do not wish to restrict access to learn other languages, we from Partii Inuit must stress that the most important language is Greenlandic and the next language to be taught should be the English language. That is the future, if we are smart. Our neighboring countries and global citizenship.The world is moving closer together very fast, and we have to establish working relations with our neighboring countries instead of just talking about it.A good candidate is Iceland, and their experiences in terms of education and their ability in working together as a nation are very relevant for us. Also our neighboring country Canada, is a good candidate to work with in terms of exploration of minerals in the Arctic. Trade with these nations will ease our economy, and we can save a lot of money in trading with them.Security issues and transportation and education are areas where we can cooperate. We have to make Iceland a close friend and we should not hesitate. The Danes have benefitted greatly working with the American base and radar station, but his has been hidden from us, and we have to be clearly informed about this matter. It is too much and unacceptable that they should keep this a secret. The Inughuit were forcibly removed and a lot of Danes are hired from Greenland Contractors, earning lots of money and live easy lives and have vacation every 3 months, when comparing it to the lives of the Inughuit and the discrimination that they are subject to, it is shameful and should be corrected.If we are to prevent people being abused, we need strong men and women. Fellow Greenlanders let us all stand up!Partii Inuit had a very touch start, from the beginning we invited everyone and hope that all we Greenlanders would stand up and correct what is wrong, believing in ourselves, being bold believing that our country that we stand on and the country that will ultimately be our grave was destined to be our legacy, that we pass it on to our children, ensuring our way of life and way of thinking, bearing in mind our Greenlandic spirit, that there be room for us all and have enough for all, in order for our descendants to live in peace and prosperity. At the end of January 2014 Partii Inuit will celebrate its first year, and we will have an annual general meeting – we will refine our fine goals, fighting for a Greenlander believing in himself, we therefore invite fellow Greenlanders and politicians and all people to work with us – power struggles that have gotten out of hand and drained us will never break our spirit. We have a glorious future, and as we come together as a people we will shape our lives into becoming respectful lives- May we all have a prosperous year. Partii InuitChairmanNikku Olsen

assavut isaappavut

Assavut isaappagut Asasagut kalaaleqatigut nunaqqatigullu, ukioq qaangiuttoq pillugu tamanik qutsavigaatsigit aammalu ukiumi nutaami inuunerup ingerlaqqinnerani pilluaqquatsigit. Ukioq 2013 kingumut qiviassagaanni 24. januar Partii Inuit pilerfiat aallarnerfigalugulusooq politikkikkut nunatsinni pisoqarfiusimaqaaq. Partii Inuit qularutissaanngitsumik nunaqqatigut kalaallit minnerunngitsumillu isorliunerusuni inuusut, inuttut kinaassuseqanngitsutut naleqanngitsutullu isigineqarlutik politikkikkut aqutsinermi suujunnaarsitaaleraluarfianni parteeqalernerput mumisitsisuuvoq.   Tamanna inuit neriuuteqaqqilerlutik kingumullu kinaassusertik toqqammavigalugu ulluinnarni inuuniarnerminni namminneq oqaatsitik inuusaasertillu suli annerusumik pisinnaatitaaffigalugit ingerlatsisinnaalernerannik maanna kinguneqarsimavoq nuannersumik. Sakkortugineqarsinnaagaluartoq oqaatigisariaqarpoq qinersinerup siuliani naalakkersuinikkut aqutsineq inuiaqatigiinnguanut uagutsinnut kalaallinut navianaateqarluinnartuusimasutut nalilertariaqarmat. Sutigut tamatigut isorliunerusuni inuuniarneq imminut akilersinnaanngitsutut nalilersorneqarluni sakkortuumik illoqarfinnut anginerusunut nutserartitsiniarneq aqqutissiunneqarsimavoq maannamut akisoqisumik.Uffalu illuatungaani illoqarfinni anginerusuni meeqqerivinnut, paaqqinnittarfinnut assigisaannullu angummassinnaanngilluinnartut; inissaaleqinerlu ingasattumik ajornartorsiutaalluni. Tamakku nassataraat inissiakorsuarnik aaqqissuutipalaaginnariarlugit namminerisamik attartortitsisarluni iluarnaarniapilunneq, pingaartumik qallunaartatta assut pikkoriffigalugu pisortat akornanni ersinngiusaamik ikioqatigiipilullutik atorluaraat kialluunniit malinnaasup nalunngilaa. Tamatumanissaarlu Sanaartornerup iluani GA-p iluani pissaanermik atornerluineq ikioqatigiipilunnerlu ersinngiusaatut ingerlanneqartut asuliinnaq soqutaanngitsutut isiginiagassaanngillat. Inuiaqatigiit kalaallit aaqqissuussaanerput nammineq suliassarigaluarparput, taamaanngilarli. Tamannalu allanngortinniartariaqarparput. Inuiattut aaqqissuussaanerput europamiut inooriaasiannik taakkualu isumaliortaasiat malillugu suliaavoq, tamanna Nunatsinnut Kalaallit Nunaannut tulluanngilluinnarpoq imminullu akilersinnaalinngisaannassalluni.Inuiaqatigiit nammineerluta suliffeqarfiutitta siulersuisulersorneqartarnerat, taakkualu soqutigisaannik ingerlanneqartarnerat qiviassagutsigu, aqutsineq europamiut tamakkiingajalluinnartumik aquppaat, tamanna kalaallit isiginnaaginnartuulernerannik peqqinnanngilluinnartumik kinguneqarpoq- aasit. Aalisarneq qiviassagutsiguassersuutissaqqippoq Royal Greenland Kalaallit nammineerluta aningaasarsiornikkut pingaarnerpaat ilaanni inissisimasoq, tassani RG-p pisortai, qullersaqarfia siulersuisuinilu aqutsisui tamarluinnangajammik nunatsinni najugaqaratilluunniit immikkut aningaasalersorneqarlutik aaqqissuussiffigineqarsimapput. Tamakku saniatigut suliffeqarfissuaq pigisarput Royal Greenland Nunatta avataani inupparpasuarnik suliffissaqartitsisutut aammalu pilersuisutut qaffasissumik inissisimalersimavoq nunatta pisuussutai aalisakkat allallu atorlugit. Uggali maani nunami suliffissaaleqisut amerlatsikkaluttuinnartut.Soorunami tamanna imminermini ajunngilluinnartumik isigineqarsinnaavoq, kisianni naak kalaallit aalisartut? Kilisaatini aqumiorpassuit naak? Aalisakkerivinni pisortaasinnaagaluartorpassuit naak? Kikkut iluanaarnerpaarpat? Kikkut pingaarnertut sulippat aammalu kikkut atornerlugaakatallutik suliumanngillat? Tamanna ersarilluinnartumik avataanit aqunneqarnermik politikkimi akuersaaginnartunngorsimanermik pissuteqarpoq, tamannalu Partii Inuit isumaa malillugu pissaanermit susinnaajunnaarsitaasimanermit isumaqarpoq. UGGA Suliffeqarfissuaq Inuiaat Kalaallit Namminneq pigigaluarlugu. PISSUTSIT EQUNGALLUINNARPUT! Inooqataaneq AngerlarfissaqarnerluIsorliunerusuni inuunerup imminut akilersinnaanngitsutut isigineqarluni inuussutissarsiutitigut siuarsaavigineqarunnaaleraluarnerata malitsigaat suliffissaaleqinerup qaffakkiartupiluulersimaneranik, taamaammat suliffeqarumalluni nuuttarneq imaluunniit inuuginnarumalluni Nunarput qimallugu siumuinnaq billetseqarluni nunagisaq qimallugu aallagarneq pissusissamisuunngitsumik annertusiartorpoq.Pissutsit tamakkua nassataraat ilaqutariit inigisaminnut akiliisinnaajunnaariartornerat, imigassamut ikiaroornartumilluunniit atuinissamik pingaarnerutsitsilerneq, aammalu meeqqanik iluamik nakkutiginnissinnaajunnaaraluttuinnarneq.Inuit imminnut naleqanngitsutut isigileriartornerminni avatangiisiminnut soqutigisaarukkiartornerat ersarissimaqaaq, aammali itisilernerullugit eqqartorniarneqartaraluarlutik politikkikkut toqqortikkatut pingaarnersiuinermi isumaaruteqqiinnartarsimallutik, ajornartorsiutip sorlaalusooq tikikkumaneqanngitsutut immat. Ukiut nallersimavagut inissiat aserfallakkiartornerisa killissaannut pisimalluta, naak najugaqartuusut inigisaminnut ukiorpassuarni allaat inissiat nalingi sinningaarlugit akiliiuaraluarlutik qaavatigut akitsorteruffigineqaraluttuinnarnertik artorsaatigigaat ersarippoq.Matumani Inissiaatileqatigiit pisortaat, sulisui, siulersuisuisalu immikkut qaavatigut akissaasersorneqarnerat qanoq innersoq assut eqqarsaateqarnanngitsuunngilaq, ila sullisseriaaseq equngalluinnarpoq naammagisimaagassatullu isigineqarsinnaanngilaq. Inuit inigisaminniik anisitaasimasut aammalu angerlarsimaffeqanngitsorpassuit eqqarsaatigiinnassagaanni Nunarujussuatsinni inuiannguit taama ikitsigaluta pissutsit pimoorullugit politikkikkut sapiissuseqarluta iluarsiniartariaqarpagut. Kalaallit Nunarput tassaasariaqanngilaq pigissaarnerpaat immikkut pineqarlutik inuulluataarfissaat illuatungaanilu piitsuunerpaat naleqanngitsutut isigisaallutik periarfissaqanngiusattutut inuuffissaattut. Kalaallit Nunarput tassaasariaraqarpoq kalaallit tamarmik pilluarlutik, atugassarissaarlutik periarfissagissaarlutillu inuuffigisassaat. Taamaammat assersuutit taama ittut piviusullu ilaannamininnguisut qaqilerlugit Nunatsinni equngasumik ineriartornerup ingerlanera tikkuaqqikkumavarput, tamanna pissuteqarmat Kalaallit avataanit sunnersimaneqarnerput sakkortuallaarujussualersimammat, namminerlu immitsinnut kimmaatsinneqartarnerput ersarippallaalerujussuarsimalluni. PISSUTSIT taamattut allanngortinneqassappata politikkikkut aqutsinermit ersarissumik aalajangersaanerit ingerlanneqartariaqarput, akisussaassusilimmik aammalu nakkarsaaffiunngitsumik. Inuit ilutsinni nukiit atortakkagut,Inuiaqatigiit nukigut ileqqorissaarnermik pissuserissaarnermik aammalu naapertuilluarnerusumik nammineq immitsinnut pingaarnerutilluta naleqarnerusumik immitsinnut isigaluta alloriaqqittariaqarpugut. Sumiikkaluaruttaluunniit Kalaaleqatigiit akornatsinni inuit nuimalaartut inuinnaalluunniit akornanni immikkuullarilaartumik pisoqaraangat pingaartippallaartarparput iluamik paasisimasaqarani oqallinneq aammalu nakkarsaaneq toqqammavigalugu tarnikkut ikilersuineq, taamaaliornikkullu anersaamik kusanartumik toqutsisarnerput takusinnaasariaqarparput. Tamanna sooq taamaattarnerluta eqqartortariaqarparput ulluinnarni sumiikkaluaruttaluunniit, pissutigalugu nukik ajortoq iluaattortorlu illuatungaanut saatittariaqaratsigu. Matumani Partii Inuit Nunatsinni tusagassiorfigut annertuumik tamatumunnga akisussaaffeqartut aammalu pisussaaffeqartut tikkuartunngittoorusunngilagut. Ukiunili makkunani utoqqatsissutaasartoq pingaarneq tassaalersimavoq akissaqanngimmatagooq. Tusagassiortugullu politikkikkut malersuisartut tassaalersimapput danskit tusagassiortut nunatsinni amerlatsikkaluttuinnartut, kalaalersaat annerusumik kalaallisuumut nutserisut. Tusagassiorneq tamanna kalaallinut tusagassiornerunani danskinut tusagassiornertut nalilerneqartariaqartoq Partii Inuit isumaqarpugut. Tamannalu inuiaqatigiinnut nakkaarsaataavoq annertooq. Tamanna aaqqittariaqarpoq Nunatsinni KALAALLIT NUNAANNI tusagassiorneq kalaallinut tunngasuusariaqarpoq; tamanna aamma taammaappoq nunani aallani.Partii Inuit isumaqarpugut nunatsinni tusagassiuteqarneq pillugu nukittorsaasariaqartugut taakkumi inuiaqatigiit ullut tamaasa qanoq ittunik tusagassaqarnersut sunniuteqarfigisarpaat. Tamatumunnga Partii Inuit tusagassiortugut suleqatisererusuppagut politikkerit oqartussaasullu ilanngullugit. Ilaqutariinneq inooqatigiinnerluUkiuni kingullerni kalaallit meerartatta aallunneqarnerat nuannaarutissaallunilu qujamasuutissaavoq, taamaattoq Partii Inuit pingaartillugu oqaatigissavarput angajoqqaat meeqqatulli pingaaruteqartigimmata, taakkumi ajornartorsiutaat meeqqanut annertuumik tuttarput. Taamaattumik Meeqqatuulli inuit tamarmik ajornartorsiutaannik ikiorneqartariaqarput, inuttut nukittorsarlugit peqqissumillu timikkut tarnikkullu piussuseqalernissaat suleqatigiilluta inissinniartariaqarparput. Annertuumik angajoqqaatta inuunerput toqqammavissittarpaat sunik uummammioqarluta inuunissatsinnik, Partii Inuit Meeqqat angajoqqaanit avissaartitaasarnerat annernartutut isigaarput pinaversaartariaqarparpullu, taamaaliussaguttali ajornartorsiutit qaqugukkut pileriartorsinnaanerinut eqqummaarinnerullutalu pikkorinnerusariaqarpugut, tassaniipporlu tamatta ataasiakkaarluta pisussaaffeqaratta iliuuseqassalluta iluanngissinnaasumik pisoqartillugu naammattuuinitsinni. Marloqiusamik ingerlatsiuartariaqanngilagutPartii Inuit ilaatigut partiinngorpugut ukiorpassuarni oqaluinnarnerup annertuallaamik atuunnera allanngortikkusullugu; iliuuseqartarnikkut aammalu aalajangersinnaassuseqarnikkut.Nunatsinni marloqiusamik ingerlatsinerput assut akisuujuvoq, tamannalu inuiaat kalaallit kisitta allanngortissinnaavarput aalajangernikkut; taamatummi ingerlaannarsinnaajunnaaraluttuinnarpugut.Sutigut tamatigut Danskisut suliatsinnik nutserisussaatitaanerput meeraavugulli allanngotinneqartariaqartutut eqqartorneqartuartoq, timitaliisoqassananilu. Piniaasaartumik pissuseqarneq allanngortittariaqarparput, tamatumunngalu sapiissuseqarnerusariaqarluta. Tamakku malitsigisaannik avataaniik sulisussatut pisariaqartitagut sakkortunerusumik piumaffigineqarsinnaasariaqarput, tamatumunnga nuannersumik aqqutissiuussinikkut. Ilami pissutsit killormut sammisutut isikkoqarput, tikisitatsinnut apersortutut pissuseqarpugut, taamaalillunilu tikisitarput naalakkatut inissisimatilertarlutigu. Tamanna kukkuneruvoq annertooq.Pissutsit taama ittut politikkikkut aalajangiiffiginissaat pisariaqarluinnalersimasutut Partii Inuit isigaarput, iliuuseqarfigisariaqarparpullu tamanna ataatsimoorluta. Aalajangerniaasaarneq sivisuaallaaraangami peqqinnarunnaarluinnartarpoq ajoqutaannanngortarluniluunniit. Matumani Kalaallisut OQAATSIVUT qitiulluinnarput aammalu assut pingaaruteqarput aqutsinermi ersarissumik qitiutinneqalernissaannut nukigut atussallugit.Allaffeqarfinnikkutta, imaluunniit atuarfinni ilinniarfinnilu tunngaviusumik misilitsissutissagut kalaallisut allassimallutik nammineq oqaaatsigut atorlugit qarasatta sulinera oqinneralaarsuarmik pitsaanerungaartumillu angusissutigisalissavarput taama iliornitsigut.Oqaatsit allat ilinniarnissaat ajornerulersinngikkaluarlugu Partii Inuit oqaatigissavarput oqaatsini pingaarnersaasut Kalaalisut oqaatsivut aammalu ilinniagassani tullerisariaqaraat Tuluit oqaasiisa ilinniartitsissutigineqartarnerat. Tassa siunissarput, isumatusaassagutta. Nunat sanilerisagut nunarsuarmioqataanerlu.Nunarsuarmioqataajartornerup annertusigaluttuinnartumik aammalu sukkatsikkaluttuinnartumik pissuseqalernera ilutigalugu sukkasuumik nunatsinnit nunat sanilerisagut oqaloqatigalugillu suleqatigiiffinnik aallartitsivigisariaqalerpagut, eqqartuinnarnagit.Nuna sanilerput Island periarfissatsialassuartut suleqatigisariaqarparput, aammalu ilinniartitaanikkut minnerunngitsumillu inuiaqatigiittut ikioqatigiillaqqissutut misilittagaat annertuumik nunatsinni inuiannut uagutsinnut piukkunnartuupput. Taamatullu nuna sanilerput Canada issittumi pisuussutinik atuinermi suleqatigiissutigisassanik annertuunik ingerlatsivigissallugu pisariaqartipparput. Tamakku iluatsillugit Niueqateqarneq akikinneralaarsuarmik ingerlatilissavarput, taamaaliornikkullu nunatta nunarsuarmi nioqqutissanik akisunerpaanik pisiniartarnermut taarsiullugu aningaasarpassuit sipaartalissagaluarpagut.Sillimaniarnikkut isumannaallisaanikkut assartuisanermullu tunngasutigut oqilisaassissaagut, ilinniartitaanikkut paarlaaseqatigiinnikkullu pitsaalluinnartumik suleqatigiissutissaqarpugut.Island nuna ikinngutitut pingaarnertut qanillattorlugulu suleqatigisariaqarparput, tamatumunnga utaqqisassaqanngilagut. Pituffimmi Amerikkarmiut sakkutooqarfeqarlutik radareqarfeqarnerat Danskit qanoq iluaqutissarsiffigisimatigineraat ulloq manna isertuunneqartoq naalakkersuinikkut ersarissumik paaseqatigiissutigisariaqalerparput, malunnarunnaarsaaneq ingasappallaarujussuarpoq akueriinnarneqarsinnaanani. 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Partii Inuit siunertaa

Partii Inuit suliniutigivaa sapinngisamik sutigut tamatigut susassareqatigiinnerup iluani nunap inoqqaavi, siuaasatta ileqqutoqaat malinniarnissaat, oqaatsikkut, inatsisilerinikkut, inuussutissarsiornikkut il il. 


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